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Imagine a place…

… the size of France, with no highways, no shopping malls, and no city skyscrapers - just 14 small villages with a total population of less than 15,000. A place that is home to one of the world’s oldest living cultures, the Inuit, who thrive in one of the most spectacular wilderness regions left on Earth.

This is the near frontier of Nunavik, in the north of Quebec, Canada, only a two-hour flight from Montreal.


In winter, this pristine corner of the Arctic brings spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis, and the white-covered tundra provides “nature’s roadway”, as the Inuit travel by dog-sled and snow-mobile across the land. In summer, Nunavik bursts with life - polar bears roam, herds of caribou wander, migratory birds nest undisturbed, wildflowers carpet the land, and trout, salmon, and char fill the rushing streams and rivers.

Think pleasantly warm days and fleece cool nights, with tall mountains, wide-open tundra, and countless freshwater lakes (no one yet knows exactly how many there are). And your hosts? Some of the most hospitable people you will find anywhere – the soft-spoken and quick-to-laugh Inuit