General information for all hotels

For reservation: 866.336.2667

Cancellation policy:

24 hrs before the arrival date. Reservations not canceled will be charged one overnight and the balance of the confirmed hotel reservation for that community will be cancelled.

In case of bad weather:

There is no fee associated to a room cancellation due to bad weather, but it is the customer's responsibility to advise the reservation centre on the same day.
Guests whose travel itineraries are interrupted due to flight changes, delays or cancellations are also required to call 866.336.2667 to communicate changes to their hotel reservations and avoid being charged cancellation penalties.

Smoking is prohibited in the hotels. A surcharge of $250.00 will be added to your invoice for violations of this regulation.

Customers are requested to take off their outdoor footwear, non-compliance of this policy will bring a $50.00 penalty.

Customers are requested to clean their dishes non-compliance of this policy will bring a $50.00 penalty.

Water conservation

With the exception of Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik communities do not have a water and sewer system, due to the fact that installing such systems would be very expensive and technologically complex, give the presence of permafrost in almost all the villages. Each structure therefore has its own drinking water and sewage tanks.

Drinking water supply and waste water disposal are handled by tank trucks. For those reason we are asking the customers to conserve water, so it will be available for the duration of their stay.